About This Blog

I’ve been blogging for a number of years at provoke+love.  As the name implies my goal is to provoke conversation and movement towards Jesus- like love for neighbor and enemy alike.

I gravitate towards theory and theology which leads, often times, to critique of current modes of doing and being church in America. I also seek to bring an anabaptist theological perspective to what is happening in our context and world.

My posts are intended to provoke.  To provide readers with another point of view.  To expose readers to quotes from what I’m reading that might stimulate critical reflection and self-critique.  To expose readers to what others are saying and doing which might stimulate reflection.

While I am a follower of Jesus  (Mennonite by tradition, Anabaptist theologically), I often post content from others from other faith traditions or none at all.  I don’t agree with everything I post.  If I have posted it, it only means I found it engaging/challenging/provocative.

The most unhelpful way to read this blog is through “agreeing” or “disagreeing”.

The most helpful way to read this blog is by trying to understand the deeper points and letting them critique what you already believe.

Please comment:  Many times I work ideas out by writing.  Often, ideas posted here are not fully formed.  Your input and perspective is helpful!

 Most of all, If you have a question, ask – don’t assume.  

You can reach me by email.

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