A quote, a question and a response

A few days ago I posted a picture with a quote from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (above).  The quote concerned protests and how they are covered by the press.  Particularly how they were labelled “anti-police protests”. In response, a friend asked a good question. “Was that the protest march where they were shouting that they wanted deadContinue reading “A quote, a question and a response”

In light of Ferguson, MO: Theology, liberation and gospel

Christian theology is a theology of liberation. It is a rational study of the being of God in the world in light of the existential situation of an oppressed community, relating the forces of liberation to the essence of the gospel, which is Jesus Christ. This means its sole reason for existence is to putContinue reading “In light of Ferguson, MO: Theology, liberation and gospel”

Syria: Cognitive dissonance and the myth of redemptive violence

cog-ni-tive  dis-so-nance noun Psychology the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavior decisions and attitude change.   The opportunity, if there is one, in the national debate over possible U.S. intervention in Syria is the opportunity to deal a significant blow to the myth of redemptive violence.  This opportunityContinue reading “Syria: Cognitive dissonance and the myth of redemptive violence”

Book Review: The Evangelicals You Don’t Know (part 1)

Tom Krattenmaker has written a new book to introduce us to the next generation of Christians in America entitled The Evangelicals You Don’t Know.  As the title suggest, Tom, a religion columnist for USA Today, is seeking to expand the readers understanding of evangelicals. More to the point, Tom is trying to demonstrate that allContinue reading “Book Review: The Evangelicals You Don’t Know (part 1)”

Put your agenda away, it’s not time.

“People shouldn’t use national tragedies to push political agendas!” How many times have you heard that phrase since last Friday?  I’ve head it more times than I can count.  Usually it is uttered in a negative sense.  The comment is meant as a critique of those who put their own agendas over the needs ofContinue reading “Put your agenda away, it’s not time.”

“You can’t legislate morality”

Ask a pro-life activist if they would like to see a Constitutional ban on abortion and most would say yes. Ask a pro-choice activist the same question and one might hear a version of, “You can’t legislate morality”  (even if it’s legal, women will still get abortions, they will just be unsafe, and so on)Continue reading ““You can’t legislate morality””

I’m a “biblical values I like better” voter

This morning, at 8:15 central standard time I cast the 52nd ballot in precinct 4 in Metamora, IL.   I am currently wearing my “I Voted” sticker. I’m what you might call a “biblical values” voter.  By that I mean that my commitments as a Christian and a follower of Jesus, as informed by theContinue reading “I’m a “biblical values I like better” voter”

Binders full of women?

During the October 16th Presidential debate the candidates, Mitt Romney and Barak Obama, were asked a question about equal pay for equal work.  According to the questioner women make 72% of what men make for the same job.  During Romney’s response, he made reference to the search he made for qualified women cabinet members whenContinue reading “Binders full of women?”