Quick tips for leaders

Coaching People towards Self-Awareness We all have blind spots! The way we perceive ourselves is not always the way others experience us. Most of the time, we are blissfully unaware of this distance and the impact is benign.Sometimes, however, the difference between our self-perception and the way others experience us is great and impacts relationships.Continue reading “Quick tips for leaders”

Quick Tip for Leaders

Racial tension is high in America today. Your employees bring that tension with them to work. This is especially true of racially diverse teams and it can impact the team’s effectiveness. How do you navigate this as a leader? Often, leaders and managers pull out their go-to tool – let’s have a meeting. That couldContinue reading “Quick Tip for Leaders”

One hour a week?

“Since churches aren’t meeting on Sunday, pastors shouldn’t draw a salary.” I’ve actually heard that (more than once) from people during this COVID19 pandemic. Do pastors really have less to do now? You tell me.   Pastoral care needs have increased. People are in crises. Not just some people, but everyone. Health. Employment. Isolation. Fear.Continue reading “One hour a week?”

The what and why don’t change, just the how

The current pandemic is disrupting familiar patterns of work like, including pastoral ministry. Congregations don’t meet in person on Sunday morning. In person team/committee meetings must follow social distancing guidelines (my mom, who is an elder at her church, insists on a solid 6 feet between her and others). Checking in on people is nowContinue reading “The what and why don’t change, just the how”

Want to grow your church?

I’ve spent over two decades as a local church pastor in congregations concerned about growth. In my experience, folks look for every tool or technique for growth except the ones Jesus gave us. Invitation and inclusion. Jesus invited people to life in the Kingdom as co-heirs of God’s good gifts and co-laborers in God’s shalomContinue reading “Want to grow your church?”

…when an organization is doing badly…

Fear is such a powerful motivator that it can force us to act in ways that are completely counter to our own or our organization’s best interests. Fear can push us to choose the best finite option at the risk of doing infinite damage. And when we face fear, we hide the truth. Which isContinue reading “…when an organization is doing badly…”