Want to grow your church?

I’ve spent over two decades as a local church pastor in congregations concerned about growth. In my experience, folks look for every tool or technique for growth except the ones Jesus gave us. Invitation and inclusion. Jesus invited people to life in the Kingdom as co-heirs of God’s good gifts and co-laborers in God’s shalomContinue reading “Want to grow your church?”

…when an organization is doing badly…

Fear is such a powerful motivator that it can force us to act in ways that are completely counter to our own or our organization’s best interests. Fear can push us to choose the best finite option at the risk of doing infinite damage. And when we face fear, we hide the truth. Which isContinue reading “…when an organization is doing badly…”

When you use a word…

Missional…I can hear the groans. In church circles (does anyone else use that word?) the word missional is overused and ill-defined. That makes it practically useless. Yet, it seems church folks insist on using it. It goes a step further. Often people use the word missional to communicate something important/distinct/etc. while actually complaining that theContinue reading “When you use a word…”

Endangered denominations?

As the local church goes, so go the denominations and institutions that support her. The local church can do without denominations. Denominations can’t do without the local church. This reality calls for a radical shift in focus (or, perhaps, purpose) for denominations (and the institutions that support the church). We need to shift our focusContinue reading “Endangered denominations?”

It’s the local church…

It’s the economy, stupid! James Carville During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, campaign director James Carville famously said, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Carville believed that the primary thing that mattered to voters was the economy. If you can’t see that, according to Carville, you’re stupid. I work for a church denomination(MC USA). I’m often askedContinue reading “It’s the local church…”