About Me


Michael Danner is a pastoral contextual theologian currently serving as the Conference Executive Minister for Illinois Mennonite Conference. As a writer and speaker, he is deeply committed to following the way of Jesus, the Christian Scriptures, and how they relate to local, national and global contexts.

He gets excited about learning (especially in the areas of  theology, philosophy, religion, culture, and politics.) He also loves making the complex more clear and accessible (although not always as successful as anticipated)   His only promise, in the words of Seth Godin, is “This is going to be interesting.”

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Or… send him an email, invite him to coffee (which he won’t drink, but the point isn’t the coffee), post a comment here;  he’s always up for good interaction and engagement around the stuff of life.


Michael and his wife, Melissa, have been married for over twenty four years.  In the words of Dave Matthews, they are “strange allies with warring hearts.”  In the words of Jesus, they are deeply beloved of God and continue to grow as servants in the context of doing life together. You won’t find them apart often.

They have three (nearly all) adult children: Julia, Nicholas and Isabelle.  They make life engaging and chaotic and fun!

They have an active family and enjoy sports, the outdoors, good films, great stories, Law & Order, shared meals and, most importantly, laughter of every variety!