Quick Tip for Leaders

Racial tension is high in America today. Your employees bring that tension with them to work. This is especially true of racially diverse teams and it can impact the team’s effectiveness. How do you navigate this as a leader?

Often, leaders and managers pull out their go-to tool – let’s have a meeting. That could be a great idea or a disaster in the making.  Here are two tips for deciding whether or not to go ahead with your meeting.

Tip 1 – and this is really important – DO NOT, and I mean, DO NOT, have a general, unfocused or unstructured meeting about a high anxiety topic just because you think you should.

Tip 2 – Only engage in meetings around high anxiety topics (or any topic) if there is a clear objective, a focused/structured process, and you have an effective, non-anxious, facilitator (which could be you, but may not be…).

The ability to gather together a group of people (i.e. to call a meeting) is powerful. Transformation can happen in and through intentional times of gathering/meeting. Just remember that every time you use that power, you are responsible and accountable. You are responsible for curating a space where good things can happen – this doesn’t happen by accident. You are accountable for bringing your best into that space – you can’t phone it in, especially when you are gathering to talk about high anxiety topics that impact people’s lives.

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