Theology and culture

Theology has everything to do with culture. To understand a Generation X theology, we must understand Generation X culture, and vice versa.

When I first studied theology, I thought I was going to be living with my head in the clouds, floating in an airy, spiritual nothingness. I imagined myself returning to earth at the end of each day to find myself back in my own culture. I was completely wrong.

Theology has to do with culture because theology has to do with living religiously, which always takes place within culture. Theology, by its very name, makes the great assertion that we can express a logos (word or reason) about a theos (God). Theology means “talk about” God, because it is possible to “talk with” God, or to encounter revelation about God. Despite the airy claims of some theologians, then, there is no theology apart from life in the world, from life in culture. (emphasis added)

Tom Beaudoin, Virtual Faith: The Irreverent Spiritual Quest of Generation X, p 29

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