The what and why don’t change, just the how

The current pandemic is disrupting familiar patterns of work like, including pastoral ministry.

Congregations don’t meet in person on Sunday morning. In person team/committee meetings must follow social distancing guidelines (my mom, who is an elder at her church, insists on a solid 6 feet between her and others). Checking in on people is now over the phone or zoom. You can’t go to the hospital to visit sick persons. And so on.

Familiar rhythms disrupted can be disorienting.

If you are a pastor, remember that

  • why you do what you do hasn’t changed.
  • what you do hasn’t changed, either.
  • What has changed is how you do those things.

Learning how to do familiar things in new ways can be exciting. It’s also exhausting. Especially if those new ways of doing pastoral ministry are ill-fitting (even if necessary) When you are exhausted from learning new ways of doing things – not if you become, but when you are – be gracious to yourself.

The why and the what haven’t changed, just the how. You are called to love God and love your neighbor as yourself through the vocational calling of pastor. That doesn’t change.

You just have to figure out how to do that in a TikTok video (just kidding… I hope).

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