MC USA: What’s at Stake for You in This?

What’s at stake for you in this?

The first time someone asked me that question, I did the avoidance two-step. I didn’t know how to answer the question. I had never been asked that question before. I wasn’t sure I even understood the question. The more I thought about it – and the clearer the question became – the more I was really sure I didn’t want to do the kind of personal exploration that might produce an answer.

I was afraid.

What’s at stake for you in this?

It’s an unnerving question. It’s a revealing question. It pushes you to go deeper. It asks you to see what you might not want to see. It forces you to articulate your personal bottom-line.

It is also a question that opens up new possibilities. These are possibilities that are rooted in truth-telling.

It’s a question I like to ask people – especially when there is a conflict.

What’s at stake for you in this? 

Recently, I’ve been asking this question in the context of an ongoing conflict within the church denomination I call home: Mennonite Church USA.

The conflict is over how to be a church together amidst differences in how folks understand Jesus’ call to the church regarding gay people in our midst. (even the formulation of the issue is problematic, but that’s the best I can do right now)

In a public meeting yesterday, one participant said, “We’ve been dealing with this for forty years. I’m discouraged that we have made no progress.”

I have friends, and Christian brothers and sisters on both sides of the conflict. A question that keeps coming to me – which I haven’t had an opportunity to ask – is: What’s at stake for you in this?

I desperately want to know.

What will you lose if the conflict is resolved in a way that is not what you wish?

The answer to that question would be fascinating! Worth ruminating over! Potentially healing! Full of reconciling potential!

It’s a question the Holy Spirit is asking me!  So I’m asking you.

For those of you within MC USA – who are passionate and engaged and, perhaps, entrenched in this conflict – what’s at stake for you in this?

The answer, from both sides of the divide, might reveal a way forward.

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