Will hell be empty?

“Until Easter weekend, Sheol/Hades held the dead, imprisoned behind its gates (Job 17:16; 38:17; Ps 9:14; Isa 38:10). By conquering death, Christ now holds the keys to the gates (Rev. 1:18). In this present age, the NT pits the gates of Hades in a losing battle against the Church (Matt 16:18). Though death and Hades are given temporary power to wage war on the earth (Rev 6:8), Christ ultimately triumphs. Death and Hades must give up their dead (Rev 20:13) and then come to their own decisive terminus.”

“We must all face death, because it continues to hold sway in the world. But by virtue of his resurrection, Jesus Christ has beaten its power to tyrannize. Death’s reign will finally come to an end, its shroud (Isa 25:7) and its stinger removed (1 Cor 15:55), and we hold fast to the promise of resurrection beyond the grave.”

– Brad Jersak, Her Gates Will Never Be Shut


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