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Christians are no longer what they once were – an overwhelming majority in a self-consciously Christian nation.  The question is whether they can become a creative and attractive minority in a different sort of culture, where they are competing not only with rival faiths but with a host of pseudo-Christian spiritualities, and where the idea of a single religious truth seems increasingly passe.  Or to put it another way, Christians need to find a way to thrive in a society that looks less and less like any sort of Christendom – and more and more like the diverse and complicated Roman Empire where their religion had its beginning, two thousand years ago…

– Ross Douthat, New York Times, December 19, 2010


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Apparently Ross is incapable of seeing the dark irony of his situation ranting and raving about “Bad Religion”
    Although he may like to pretend otherwise Ross IS a member of the Establishment with his own column in the NYT.
    Jesus of course was a radical ousider who was scathingly critical of both the ecclesiastical establishment, and the poltical elites of his time and place – which is why he was executed – he was a trouble-maker.
    What therefore happens when The Very Divine Person or The Divine Conscious Light comes to town in a living-breathing-feeling human form?
    And, by cultural necessity, turns His all-illuminating razor sharp mind to the examination of the beliefs and dogmas of the religion that dominates the county he was born in (He was born in new York) and the entire world too.
    And thoroughly examines every proposition ever made about the nature of Reality in all times and places. Thus putting a torch to the self-serving provincialism of “authorities” such as R D and all the other big-time-talkers of big-time entirely wordly religion.

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