Quote of the Day

I look into the subculture of many versions of Christian faith that are operative in America today and see Christians wringing their hands in fear, hoping that Jesus will come back and get them out of this “mess.”   On the other hand, I look at the world around me and see a cultural context that is closer to the world of the early church than any other culture in the last two thousand years.  The irony is that these same Christians are open about their desire for a return to a version of faith that was modeled by the early church and described in the pages of the New Testament book of Acts.  In other words, we want the fruit of the early church but not the context of suffering and demand that produced such fruit.  How American.  How selfish.  How consumptive.  How anemic.  Let us listen anew to the teachings of Jesus while we walk through the pages of Scripture to the cross.  As we do, our personal and corporate imaginations will bring us into a new (and ancient) identity: sojourners and aliens testifying to an alternative life rooted in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

– Tim Keel, Intuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor and Chaos (144-145)


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