Quote of the Day

The most successful preachers seem to have one hand on the Bible and the other on theological platitudes that seem to placate the masses.

– Unvirtuous Abbey (via THQ)

Agree or disagree?


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I would have to agree… it goes along with the admonition of Dr. David Fitch at my commencement to not preach “nice” sermons… don’t abuse folks from the pulpit, but certainly a teaching from God, by the Spirit, will leave people a little uncomfortable, destroying their world, and replacing it with something new…

      1. Didn’t actually study with him… he was commencement speaker at my graducation from Biblical Theological in Hatfield… wish I COULD study with him, though… time, money, geography… not working out too well right now. 🙂

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