The Hardest Question

I have two posts up over at the The Hardest Question (a lectionary preaching site that I contribute to a couple times a year).   While THQ is a preaching resource site, the posts are relevant to folks who aren’t preaching, too.  These two deal with two different Bible texts related to God’s role in suffering, death, judgement, natural disaster, and so on.

Beware: If you are looking for certainty and resolution, THQ is not necessarily the place to find it.  Our challenge as contributors is to find the hardest question in the text.

In these two posts, I enter a dialectic between Jesus and Paul on God’s role in human suffering.  Taken at face value, Jesus and Paul do seem to be saying different things about God.  As no synthesis emerges, you are left to come up with one or weigh their points of view and offer a response!

My only commitment is that Jesus, in his response, seems to abdicate the roll of being a “God who pulls all the strings” on behalf of the Father.  What do you think?


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