Rooted in tradition?

In our increasingly fragmented world, it is refreshing to encounter people who are rooted and shaped by a particular tradition.  In the following video we hear a prophetic word from Brother Cornell West, in response to President Obama’s inauguration and the fact that Obama swore his oath on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s bible. 

His points are well taken and I agree with his perspective.   However, what I love more than Brother West’s critique is the way in which he is reflectively shaped by his traditions.  He understands where he came from, what traditions shaped him and made him who he is, and what it means to be faithful to those traditions.  It’s a breath of fresh air.    

Within many  different American Christianities, this is all but lost.  Many people don’t know what traditions shaped them.  Those that do often walk away from those traditions in favor of the “coolest church in town”, or the church that meets MY needs, or the church that thinks just like I do, and so on.

Without further commentary, Brother West



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