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Let’s say that something happens to me, all the staff, and all the buildings simultaneously explode.  Let’s make it worst case scenario.  There’s no staff.  There’s no buildings.  And there’s no me.  Here’s what would happen.  On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the following week, thousands and thousands of adults would gather in homes all over the city and pray together, and do Bible study together and take care of whatever family members are left over and the church is going to go on…. Because at the end of the day, circles are better than rows.  And from day one, we’ve been committed to creating a culture that’s all about circles and not rows.  We are famous for our rows.  But the strength of our churches is what happens in circles

– Andy Stanley


6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. No, I caught it online and am not sure of the context. I’m also unsure if this is what Andy likes to think would happen if such events came to pass or if it is what would actually happen! I found the quote compelling and I like the distinction between circles and rows. I’m quite certain my congregation would continue under such circumstances, but no body comes to MMC because we are “famous for our rows”.

  2. There have always been stories that some foreign agent would nullify everything electical or electronic. Do you think that would force circles–or would it be every man for himself. People who had food stored for such an emergency would either share–or guard the hoard with guns.

    1. That’s a great question. Things like power grid failure, interruptions in safe water supplies, transportation system problems which interrupt food supplies, and the like have a tremendous potential to disrupt everyday American life. Take what happened with Superstorm Sandy, for example, and multiply it over larger percentages of the population, and it could get bad quick. I’ve watched a few documentaries on this subject, and most of the “experts” say that our survival will be dependent upon our reaction. They follow up with the idea that humans are a very skittish and fearful species at times. I think the best of the Christian tradition (egalitarian communities, bound together by love, mutual submission, and a commitment to peace) points towards making circles in an Acts 2 sort of way. Yet the degree to which we have NOT been able to make such communities function (in part due to hyper individualism) makes me wonder. Likely, I think you would see a little of both. I do tend to think small, rural communities will fare better than urban centers where there are lots of people who have various divisions (racial, ethnic, socio/economic).

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