5 Questions

While cleaning my office, I came across 5 questions that Randall Koehler asked our congregation (Metamora Mennonite Church) in a message delivered earlier this summer.  They struck me as great questions, once again, so I thought I would pass them on to spur you on towards love and good works.

1.)  Are we willing to rethink our involvement with violence?

2.) Is economic prosperity a sign of God’s blessing?

3.) What saves us? (If grace is unearned how can it have anything to do with us at all?)

4.) Is God’s grace transformative?  (Are we willing to use grace to transform?)

5.) Is power a scarce resource we have to horde? (What happens if we give it away or lay it down in order to empower others?)


These questions take on even more pragmatic significance when asked in the context of some of our most vexing problems from homosexuality and the church to the impending fiscal cliff to the growing gulf between the haves and the have nots and so on.  These questions move us towards being a Jesus-like presence in the world for the good of all.  Wrestle with them as you wrestle with God!


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