Why do we assume?

After watching two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate, it strikes me that many people are making a rather big assumption.  The republican strategy rests on pointing out that Obama has been a failure over the last four years.  “Make Obama run on his record!” is the rally cry.   Yet, here is my question:  How do we know that his policies aren’t a smashing success?  How do we know that things wouldn’t be ten times worse had he pursued other policies?

I do agree that things are pretty bleak right now.  What I don’t know is that it would’ve been better under a different president.  What I really don’t know is if it might have been worse.

The reality is we don’t get to see all of the “what ifs”.  We get to see what we have.  Just because it’s not good doesn’t automatically mean it could be better and not worse.  Is it overly optimistic, given the challenges we face, to assume that it would have been better?


2 thoughts on “Why do we assume?

  1. I would counter that Democrats are using the same strategy with a different spin. No one knows whether or not McCain, if elected 4 years ago, implementing a different set of policies, would have been better, or worse, than the current situation. Again, all we know is what we have now and what we are offered as potential solutions by the political representatives of those solutions.

    That is, if you think the political process and US domestic and foreign policy are the only means by which to positively affect the world…

    1. I’m not trying to be partisan. Just pointing out that the assumption that absent Obama things would be better is an assumption based on facts not in evidence.

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