Paul Burkhart’s Gay Issues

There are many folks, myself included, that weigh in on gay issues from a “Christian” perspective.  Too often the result is talking heads shouting past each other.    This week I found a series of excellent posts by a guy named Paul Burkhart via Michael Kimpan’s blog. I found the posts insightful with the proper amount of sarcasm (Paul’s spiritual gift, evidently) and enough depth to be substantive but not burdensome.  I love Paul’s tone.  I especially love how he states clearly where he is in the third post.  I think if more pastors would speak clearly on where they are we’d find there is more of a consensus of this issue than there appears to be at times.

Full disclosure: I’m in agreement with much, if not most, of what Paul has written.  Check out his posts!

Exodus International is Right on Gay Reparative Therapy (i)

some brief thoughts on “willful persistence in sin” & homosexuality

Some critical words for the Left on Gay Reparative Therapy (ii)

You may disagree with Paul, but I hope you see how this discussion can happen in a constructive way that gets at substantive points.

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