Stop teaching the ethics of Jesus

Peter Rollins rolled out a provocative post entitled “Stop teaching the ethics of Jesus”. (read it here)  His thinking is quite profound, but sometimes difficult to grasp.  So his friend, Jay Bakker, decided to interview him at Revolution NYC yesterday.  It’s an hour long, but worth listening to.  Pete’s on to something important for the church, but the way he talks about it sometimes leads to knee-jerk reactions and label’s like “heretic”.  (If you’re not prepared to give Pete’s arguments the respect of full engagement, perhaps it best to move along without judgment)  Here’s the interview

Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus

Here’s two key quotes from the interview, for me.

“The desire to have ethical rules to follow tends to lead to the action it forbids”

“The law is successful in the act of not being successful which opens up space for pure grace.”

What do you make of Pete’s post and the interview?


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