Dear Bishop Jenky…

I know you believed that you were making a cogent point about Obama’s policies in comparison to both Hitler and Stalin, based upon historical analysis of their policies.  I’m sure your points sounded strong, but good and on point, when you were in your study.  But you forgot one thing; There is only one context where it is appropriate to compare someone to Adolf Hitler.  Here it is: If a national leader is using their military power to both take over all of Europe and simultaneously rid the world of Jews through the most horrendous means possible, THEN, AND ONLY THEN, can you compare that person to Adolf Hitler.  A second, and lesser, blunder is assuming that people know enough about Stalin to get your point.  No matter how many parallels you may find between the perceived direction of Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, you simply can’t make the comparison.

Now it seems that even your fellow Roman Catholics think you stepped over the line.  The IRS will likely investigate your diocese.  You may even lose your tax exempt status (and given the amount of property you guys own in Peoria, that would sting) for implying your congregants shouldn’t vote for Obama.  Even Notre Dame professors want you to resign from the Board of their school. Ouch!   If you ride this out, and it’s likely you will, just remember not to commit this blunder again.


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