I did not know…

“…the fact remains that in the United States, when Down’s (syndrome) is diagnosed prenatally, 90% of these pregnancies will end in abortion.  A diagnosis becomes a death sentence…”

-Jim Smith, President, ADNet Board of Directors

Had I not taken 5 minutes to read the ADNet newsletter, Connections, I still would not know.  I’m very familiar with the pro-life vs. pro-choice positions regarding the morality, or immorality, of abortion.  Yet, I’ve never heard that abortion is used as a tool in what I would call passive or functional eugenics to the degree that Mr. Smith’s quoted statistics indicates.

That some women may choose an elective abortion upon learning, pre-natally, that their child has Down’s syndrome does not surprise me.  That 90% do, is shocking to me.


2 thoughts on “I did not know…

  1. I had no idea it was that high either.

    What we found very strange is how insistent our doctors office was that we do the test. It’s optional, but they made us feel like we were being irresponsible by not having it done.

    We stuck to our guns, but then we switched doctors.

    1. I was curious about that. Is aborting a down’s child just a very common decision for the parents in that situation or is the medical establishment pushing people in that direction?

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