Have you seen this?

I’m a bit surprised that the mainstream media hasn’t covered this!  Anonymous seems to be very good at accomplishing their goals.  These are kids sitting in their mom’s basements playing on their computers.  They successfully attacked the CIA, NSA, Stratfor and many others.  What I’m curious about is HOW they are going to wage war against the US Government and what form citizen support might take.

I do think a growing number of Americans will agree with their critique.  Much of what they say relative to money corrupting the politcal process and the disenfranchisement of the average citizen echoes critiques I hear from more mainstream sources.   I’ve heard Cornell West, for example, advancing the same kind of critique, al biet without the promise to take down the government.

To date, Anonymous, while labelled a terrorist organization by the US government, has not used violence in any of their actions.  Their tactics seem to involve denial of service attacks, disrupting daily operations, and revealing information that folks don’t want revealed.   Recently they hacked into Stratfor, a US intelligence gathering agency, and acquired (some say stole) 5 million emails.   They have turned over such e-mails to wikileaks and others, who have made some of them public.    Stratfor’s response was simply to say some of the emails are true others may have been doctored and they aren’t going to say which is which.  This is typical government disinformation and a fairly weak, in my opinion, response.

Rest assured, this is on the US Governments radar.  As for me, I’ll watch from the sidelines, content to contemplate how being a follower of Jesus today intersects with a world of corrupt governments, big money players, struggling citizens and groups like anonymous.


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