I’m sitting…

I’m sitting at Starbucks while my wife gets her hair fixed (that’s what my Grandma used to call it).  When I walked in, I noticed that they changed the decor.  The old stuff is gone and new stuff is here.

Initially, it was unsettling.  

I like my national chain stores to remain the same.  I pay for predictability.  I want my venti, tazo iced tea lemonade – passion – sweetened – to taste like it did last time.  I liked the way it tasted last time.  That’s why I ordered it again.

Then it became amusing.

What’s so amusing, you ask?  I just noticed that the new tables have some letters burnt into them.  They said, “RECLAIMED URBAN WOOD”.   I didn’t find it amusing for the reason you juveniles might.  I found it amusing that they felt the need to TELL ME that the wood was reclaimed.

Then it became troubling.

Does it matter more that they reclaimed the wood or that I know that they reclaimed the wood?  I think it matters more that the wood is reclaimed.  However, I fear I’ve fallen victim to yet another consumer liturgy, wrapping up eco-responsibility in an uber-chic package that causes the very thing that they are trying to convince me they don’t cause and I’m not participating in.

I think I’ll go now.  My wife is done.


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