What aims you?

To be human is to be a lover.  A creature whose orientation and way of life is most primordially shaped by what one loves as ultimate.  That’s what directs us and aims us through the world.

– James K. A. Smith

To locate love as a universal director of the human creature, is to say that one of the things that we all share in common – Jew,Gentile; Male,Female; Slave , Free – is that the path we follow in life is a path laid out by love of something. This directing love is played out through our desire.  This line of thinking, and the questions it raises, is a key piece in the thought/work of St. Augustine.  It also picks up on Biblical themes concerning the human heart.

What do you love?  What do you desire?  How does what you do reveal what you love and desire (vs. what you know you should love and desire)?

Check out this lecture by James K. A. Smith, on his book Desiring the Kingdom.  He fleshes you this idea, and many more in the video.

James K.A. Smith – Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation from Calvin College on Vimeo.


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